Xpnsion Network

Kasey and Brad launch Xpnsion Network for a diversity of shows to support you in expanding your consciousness. Stay tuned for new shows and series featuring other practitioners and leaders of consciousness. Watch live episodes of Xtra Ordinary Experiences and Expansion Sunday on Facebook Live. Watch replays below. Join us soon on Roku!

Xtra Ordinary Experiences

Kasey, Brad and Julius talk with guests who have had Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences and Spiritual Experiences. Listen to their phenomenal stories with Julius, the group that Kasey and Brad channel, chiming in.

Ghosts of The Caribbean

Brad and Kasey travel the Caribbean to intuitively pick up on ghosts and apparitions. Their stories get told and some of their spirits move on.

Expansion Sunday

Kasey, Brad and Julius talk about a diversity of popular topics to provide a higher vibrational point of view.

Expand With Julius

Kasey, Brad and Julius, the group they channel - answer questions from people around the world about mystery, consciousness, health and mindfulness.

Expand With Julius

Quick Inspiration

Listen to audio recordings less than 20 minutes of Kasey channeling Julius in conversations with Brad and answering student's questions. Enjoy visuals of nature while you watch.

Interviews from the LA Conscious Life Expo

We had so much fun meeting all these cool people.

Expand With Julius

Teachings On Demand

Teachings with Kasey, Brad and Julius on consciousness. Each teaching contains several hours of different parts.

7 Frequency Bands


There are 7 energy frequency bands surrounding your physical embodiment. You are walking around projecting an energy. Depending on the frequency, or activation of, your frequency bands, you attract different people, places, things and opportunities into your life. Your frequency is sacred. Become aware of how the surrounding frequency impacts you, how you actively attract and repel what you want in your life, and how your frequency is who you are being. Julius provides clear information on the most mystifying, breathtaking quantum pocket of energy within us – Kundalini Energy.

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Healing Unworthiness and Shame


4 lectures with Kasey, Brad and Julius. They establish the sheer importance of the core issues of unworthiness and shame. Julius gives us a staggering fact to underline the significance of this teaching – of the 8 billion people currently living on earth, perhaps just one thousand are free of these issues. When you are embedded with the binding emotional states of unworthiness and shame, you cannot live from and express your authentic self. Without that connection and expression from your true self, you are living a lie, and your life is a demonstration of this untruth in all that you create and express. Many people have learnt to hide this corrosive aspect of their being under the cloak of projected self-confidence.

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Choosing Your Life After Death


This very important course demystifies death. It explains what happens immediately after transition and how you can choose that experience. It is a teaching that many will want to revisit when it comes to helping their loved ones transition peacefully. These powerful words of high wisdom and gainful insight from Julius will remove your primary fear of death and that is when you will really start enjoying your current life. You will be able to access the Joy and Bliss of knowing yourself as the all Powerful Source through intention.

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You're Current State of Being


The Kasey and Brad Experience. New Years Event 2012. Kasey and Brad channel Julius to share empowering messages.

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The Kasey Brad Experience


Kasey, Brad and Julius speak at an event in southern Utah. Kasey channels Julius and talks about the creative process, the purpose of souls on this realm and how to raise your consciousness.

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This 2-part course is the phenomenal teaching to help you discover the god within. With its many Aha moments, it holds the promise of profound transformation. It is about you and you as the All. This teaching will resonate deeply with all who are on their conscious journey – uplifting, inspiring and delivering them into a space of sustained high frequency. Learn about living life at the totally different level of altruism and in doing so, have that manifest all your desires more effectively and quickly. This powerful redirection in the manifestation process will make your experiences deeply fulfilling and magical.

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